About Us

Why was Noir Classic created?

Hey man, I understand the struggle. Being men of color we tend to have hair that is coarse, thick and prone to feeling dry. This can make trying to grow a soft touchable beard hard to do. And if you're like I was, you are no stranger to dry scalp issues and dandruff. A few years ago, I was able to get rid of my dandruff and dry skin by paying better attention to the ingredients in the products I used on my hair and skin. 

Over the years one thing stuck out each time I went to the store...THERE AREN'T ANY NATURAL PRODUCTS MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR MEN OF COLOR.

I created Noir Classic to help men like myself, find natural products with healthy ingredients that are made specifically for coarse, curly and, thick hair.

What our products offer:
Sulfate free shampoo and body wash. Sulfates are surfactants, also known as detergents. These cleansers clean our skin and hair a bit too well, stripping them of the natural oils they need to remain soft and moisturized. 
Moisture rich conditioners made of natural ingredients that restore moisture and give our hair and beards some sheen. Our conditioner will help your beard look fuller and shinier in 1 wash. Bet. 
Natural moisture sealing pomade with Jamaican black castor oil. Jamaican black castor oil is great for thinning hair lines, as it helps naturally reverse hair loss. 

All of our products are vegan, paraben, dye and detergent free with ingredients you can pronounce.

You will feel the difference from head to toe!

ManWash- Our sulfate free, pH balanced shampoo and body wash.
Conditioner- pH balanced, moisturizing and light weight.
Pomade- Vegan and can be used for waves, curls and to tame beards.You can even apply some to your hands to fight ash.

 Thanks for your purchase and your time,

Gilbert Mathews